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Bronze Sculpture
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    Robert Holmes - Bronze Sculpture

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R O B E R T   H O L M E S

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"Robert Holmes, although self taught, Is intuitively dead center of the development of modern sculpture The restless, thrusting energy of Rodin, the abstraction of Brancusi, the expressionism of Lachaise, the symbolic power of Moore, are all echoed in his work."

-Richard Warren, Art Historian- Princeton University, Stanford University, and San Francisco State Curator of the Gualala Arts Center's "Robert Holmes Retrospective 1941-1998"


Robert Holmes obtained a Civil Engineering degree and architectural training from the University of Arizona.  Both disciplines are evident in the structural elements of his technical prowess in bronze sculpture.  'The grace and serenity of his human abstractions attest to a master's command of his medium and a sublime artistic sensibility. Robert Holmes' all too rare achievement is that of distilling the human form to its essential elements and capturing, within those essentials, postures of truly poetic feeling -- Review by David Betz, Assistant Director, Vorpal Gallery Soho, New York.


Holmes says: "My work is my statement.  I don't believe that words go very far in describing sculpture. I would rather let people see my work itself and interact with it in their own way.”


Jayne McGuire, in her review of Holmes' work for The Del Mar Sculpture Garden in Del Mar, California, states: “Holmes' contemporary figurative work, especially his life giving female figure, expresses a nurturing, universal quality which celebrates the joy of being, the joy of movement, and our basic human need for ‘connectedness’. A consistent vitality is present in all of Holmes' figures, evident in the graceful movement of his dancers and runners, and in the solitary stillness of his reclining and seated figures.


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