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Please choose one of the following:

- I am a public or residential client looking to acquire new works.

- I am looking for an appraisal/valuation of my existing art works.

- I am looking to sell original works of art Note: We primarily consider works by select Bay Area, Photorealist and Blue Chip artists like Diebenkorn, Oliveira, Bechtle, Estes, de Kooning, Calder, Avery, Brown, Close, Wonner, Lobdell, Petersen, Staprans, de Niro, Moore, Tansey, Goings, Marden, Neri, Arneson, Voulkos, Motherwell, Thiebaud, etc. Also, we do not buy lithographs or similar multiples.  *Send images, dimensions, details + provenance to          

- I am an artist interesting in submitting my work.

- Other.

-Or feel free to simply call Benjamin directly at 505-688-9803 or email him at



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